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The following is a catalogue of the programs, seminars and workshops that form the backbone of our business.


The Journey Forward

A practical, experienced-based program for business owners and entrepreneurs that we have designed to help you move forward on your journey to greater business growth and increased profits.


Kicking it off. An Assessment Toolbox

A diagnostic tool designed to help us accurately assess your present business situation so that, together, we can design a set of solutions to get your business moving forward again, faster.

Eight Pillars of Personal Leadership

Eight Pillars of leadership is a set of eight attributes and value-based criteria we all need if we are to successfully live balanced, meaningful lives. Personal leadership is about leading yourself first - so you can be a more efficient, thoughtful leader for others.

Rediscovering the entreprenurial spirit

A thoughtful, inspiring look at the essential traits and skills of successful entrepreneurship.

Putting people back into the business equation

A look into how today's leaders are becoming 'Servant Leaders' - recognizing that the most important asset any enterprise has is its people. To beat the competition the winning companies are increasingly coming to the realization that their only edge left are the people - and are creating environments to create and foster creativity and build engagement.


Marketing your business on a budget

Competitive constraints are forcing many organizations to re-think their sales and marketing initiatives. Learn how you can grow your sales by creating innovative strategies specifically tied to your service or products, and more effectively increase market share.


Start it Up!

A time-tested program we have developed for budding entrepreneurs and self-employed professions launching a new venture or wishing to enhance a fledging business.


Re-connecting with yourself

Have you lost the spark and drive you once felt? Thinking about changing course? Unhappy with what you are presently doing? A thoughtful, initial look at what's involved in re-connecting with yourself. Based on his book, The Tug of the Kite, Drew offers some thoughts and insights designed to help you re-ignite your spirit and addresses the questions and issues involved in setting out in a new direction, or re-connecting with your present situation. For more information, go to www.thetugofthekite.com

Drew's Blog

Timely articles, essays and musings on a variety of topics that connect with so many of the issues facing people in all walks of life today.


Go to www.thetugofthekite.com. Send us your thoughts and comments. We'd love to hear from you. So would many of our readers.