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Dare to be you


An Inspiring seminar


Your life only gets better when you resolve to make it better and
take responsibility for yourself and what you are all about.
~ Drew Simmie.

Step Into Life isn't just another conventional seminar… no, no, no!


It is a timely, breakout gathering of like minds, a unique opportunity created to encourage you to uncrate your imagination, tap into your adventurist spirit and help you take your life and business/career to new heights.


That's a tall order, I know, but anything in life that is of any value usually comes wrapped up in a package labelled 'tall order.'


Learn 5 Bold Steps you can use to slip the bounds of convention (convention isn't working anymore) and power up your game - just when you need it the most. So you can get on to 'what's next.'


If you have been seriously thinking about how to get ahead in our hyper-competitive, global environment and are consciously looking for the best way to stake out your position in today's demanding economy, this seminar is a 'must attend.'

However you choose to measure your results, real success comes not from without but from within, from a personal power that emanates from a place of a renewed sense of self, a well-defined purpose and a truly focused direction.


'Conscious' is the operative word. If you are open and ready for it, our time together could be a game-changer, one from which you'll never look back. I promise you. Read more about Drew.


The takeaway isn't the course work. It's your inspired sense of self and purpose - and the amazing way you'll feel after attending!


This isn't my first rodeo. It is a seminar packed with my many years of hands-on, no-nonsense ideas and practical business and personal experience that I'll share and discuss with you and think you will find very helpful.


Sound interesting?


Like me to conduct this seminar for your group or association?


For more information, call or text 416.450.8867 or email me drew@drewsimmie.com.