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Could you use a fresh pair of eyes? Reached a fork in the road and need help moving forward?

Executive life coaching is a collaborative, confidential relationship between client and coach, coming together in a collegial, respectful atmosphere, to explore and to identify a current problem. Together we'll develop a practical action plan that will free you up, take you where you want to go next and bring you personal satisfaction.


It's like a having a personal fitness trainer, but for life.


Coaching facilitates strategic thinking, personal responsibility and accountability. It helps you harness your unique talents and internal strengths. Coaching assists you to see beyond your fears and silence your inner demons. It fosters self-awareness of who you are and what you really care about. More importantly, why.


Long an advocate of personal leadership, my approach to coaching is holistic in nature, one that honours both your head and your heart. Today, more than ever, as life pulls at us from many directions, making sense of it all can sometimes become overwhelming. Juggling your work and your personal life isn't easy. Sorting out the challenges and choices can be crushing. That's when people turn to me.


What sets me apart is my real world approach, built on sharing the hard-earned lessons, tools and skills that I have learned, honed and used along my journey.


There are no secrets or magic bullets. To a large extent, life comes down to the choices we make. The trick is to make more intentional and conscious ones.


Life coaching is my passion. Highly intuitive, compassionate, inspiring and street savvy, I bring a lot to the table. If there are some choices up ahead in your world and you could use some inspiring help and direction, I encourage you to reach out today.


For more information and to arrange a complimentary initial conversation, call or text 416.450.8867 or email me drew@drewsimmie.com. For more details see about drew, or to just keep in touch read my blog.


Your present situation doesn't determine where you can go.
It merely marks where you start.



Contact me by email drew@drewsimmie.com or telephone direct 1.416.450.8867 for further information or connect with me on LinkedIn.