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In view of Covid-19, in-person talk now on ZOOM.
For details please email drew@drewsimmie.com.


Could your group use some encouragement and inspiration?


In today's market place we all can! That's what my presentation is all about.

Drew Simmie

In 30-45 minutes, drawing on previous business experience in textile manufacturing, retail marketing and coaching, I'll share a number of principles, ideas and words of wisdom your audience can use to step up their game, live up to their full potential and maximize their effort. Read more at about drew.


These aren't buzzwords. Success today has as much to do with courage, curiosity and an adventurous spirit as it does with the conventional business methods and practices we all know about.


My talk isn't just another boring speech. Energizing and dynamic, I'll quickly capture your audience, challenging and motivating them to step further out of their comfort zone and reach for greater success. In an environment that fosters character, authenticity and engagement.


The take away isn't just what they will hear. It's your inspired sense and purpose and the amazing way they will feel after attending.


There is a Q and A session at the end of the presentation, providing an opportunity for audience participation.


For more information about:
Speaking fee and availability contact info@drewsimmie.com or
text/tel 1.416.450.8867