October 7, 2019

Be Your Best

You say I am a dreamer but I’m not the only one. John Lennon.


It’s hard to hold on to a dream. Especially at this moment in time, when society appears to be fracturing into two camps. At every turn demagoguery, disruption and division have raised their ugly heads. Falsehoods, fake news and free wheeling greed are endemic.

One camp is sure that we are all going to hell in a hand basket. Just keep your head down, they say, and take all you can get now, while the getting is good,

The other camp says no, no no….. the future is bright, if only we’re open to change, open to others, open to facts and innovation. New, as yet unimagined, opportunities lie just up ahead for those imbued with creativity, willing to take risks and emboldened with hope.

The old fears the new. The haves don’t want to share with the have not’s and they certainly don’t want things to change. Change never happens until someone puts up their hand and yells STOP! Enough is enough.

It has always been thus. The believers, that small, creative minority has always been responsible for improving humankind’s lot. People like you.

No good work of any consequence in any field of endeavour, has ever come without vision, courage, constant hard work and belief in oneself.

If you’ve been struggling to bring your dream to a reality, no matter how far out the horizon, take heart. Sure, the road is sometimes bumpy and the journey is always longer than you thought. Life goes like that. Take a deep breath. Take action. Action results in accomplishment and rewards.

You know what to do. Do more of what’s right.

But here’s the thing: There’s a catch. In order to ‘have,’ you must ‘do’ and in order to ‘do’ you first must ‘be.’

So… be your best. The rest will look after itself.

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