March 29, 2021

Move On

I can’t go back to who I was because I am a different person now. Lewis Carroll. 


There comes a point for many of us when events or circumstances give us pause. Intuitively, we sense that it is time to rethink what we’re doing; more importantly why.

We find ourselves at a pivotable point when we can feel a hand on our shoulder and we hear ourselves asking, “Have I got my life right? Could there be more?”

Have you ever been in that situation? I have. I know how challenging that can be.

You are not who you were when you first started out. None of us are.

Subject to the shifting currents, as we make our way through life, we all pass through a number of phases. It is part of the continual growing and learning process. Sometimes it can be a terrifying because it portends change, and change is always scary. But there it is. Staring you in the face.

Not changing, staying longer than necessary is not a good thing. If you  insist on staying past what is the right time you can become dispirited, uninteresting and lose the happiness and meaning of the other stages you have to go through.

Sometimes it is hard, but you can’t write a new chapter in your life until the old one is ended.

Shutting the door behind you, closing cycles, ending chapters – whatever name you give it – is to leave in the past those moments of life that have finished, whatever they are and make the choice to move on.


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