February 21, 2022

What Would Bring You Happiness?

The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life. Buckmaster Fuller.


If you could do anything you wanted to do everyday, what would it be? If money, time, health or relationships and anything else were not an issue, how would you spend your time, and with whom?

These are big questions that will take some time to answer, because we all have become accustomed to doing what we have to, instead of what we want to, and have constructed our lives accordingly; but we are in different times now. The pandemic has forced all of us to step back and examine our lives.

So here’s the thing: We all only get one life. Is your current plan the right one? What would it take to create the kind of life you really want for yourself?


Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay connected.

I hope to see you back here again soon. As always, thanks for reading me.

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