September 15, 2022

Just Say Yes

It’s not the light that we need, but fire; it’s not the gentle shower, but the thunder. We need the storm. Frederick Douglas.


There is power in words. One of the most powerful is YES!

Yes. It’s OK to put your work out into the world.

Yes. You are capable of doing good work and making a difference.

Yes. What you are doing is important.

The future beckons…

At this moment in history there is no shortage of people eager to deny the truth, to exclude, to criticize, turn a blind eye, close off their hearts and say NO.

The ‘Yes’ crowd has always been in the minority but today, more than ever, there has never been a greater need for people to do the right things rather than doing things right: People to step up to the plate and say YES!

Stay interested. Stay interesting. Stay relevant.  

As always, thank you for reading me. I hope to see you here again soon.



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