March 17, 2023

When You Know, You Know

A lot of life is about the choices you make.

Some are more difficult to make than others. It’s always the most important ones that are the hardest.

The most fundamental one is how you view life. Everything flows from there.

Our society is entering a trying time. Buffeted by a steady stream of threatening, pressing issues, it is easier to think that the good years of the past 40-50 years are fast fading from view, or you can think of life as a wonderful, magical ride, albeit with with many bumps and unexpected sharp curves but well worth the ticket – devoting your best energies to what really matters and holds meaning for you.

In his book, Seize The Day, Saul Bellow wrote, “If you think that historical forces are sending everybody straight to hell, you can either go resignedly with the procession or hold out, and hold out not from pride or other personal motives, but from admiration and love for human abilities and powers which, without exaggeration, the words ‘miracle’ and ‘sublimity’ can be applied.”

Read his words again. This time, say them out loud so you can hear your own voice speaking.

Hang in there. Life, indeed, is truly amazing for those who believe in themselves.

When you know, you know.


Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay engaged. Thank you for reading me.

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