April 3, 2023

Be Kind To Yourself

Go above and beyond for yourself. You do it for your family, friends and colleagues, but don’t forget about YOU! It’s important to include yourself… you are worthy of your own kindness, too. Stephanie Lahore.

In the pantheon of traits that supports successful people, at the top, along side courage, is always staying with ‘it’, whatever that it is.

Persistent people never give up. They know that the top of the mountain often seems higher than they expected. Always, though, failure is never an option. They:

  1. Have a highly developed sense of purpose.
  2. Are always hopeful.
  3. Take a long term view.

And they know the only way to save their dream is to be kind and generous to themselves.


Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay engaged. Thank you for reading me.

3 QUESTIONS: Are you questioning your current life situation, wondering if you have it all right? Need help finding your purpose?

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